by / Thursday, 29 June 2017 / Published in Arit News

A new global ransomware attack named Nyetya is unfolding across the globe and particularly in Europe. It is the second ever ransomware worm, coming on the heels of WannaCry last month.

We would like to make sure you are prepared so you can reach out to your customers to address this attack and make sure they are protected. The following resources will help you to have a proactive discussion:

Attend the Live webinar with Cisco Talos on Friday 30 June @ 16:00 CET: “Nyetya. Global Ransomware Attack. What you want to know.”

For technical information check out the in-depth Cisco Talos Blog

For non-technical background information and to download email copy text for your customer communication go to our Partner Community page

Cisco has a defense-in-depth architecture for protecting against ransomware. Check out the Cisco Ransomware Defense page

Use the Cisco Ransomware Defense campaign material on Partner Marketing Central to raise your customers Ransomware awareness, and profit from our fully built email journey to personalise and send to your customers.

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